Maarten Huijsmans

Freelance Senior Software Engineer 👨‍💻
Python Developer & Cloud Architect 🚀

I imagine, hack, shape and build high quality software products. I have several years of experience building distributed cloud systems. I can help you with complex Python & Cloud projects (API's, Data Engineering, Machine Learning deployments, ....).

Things I Can Do

I prefer to work with the Python, & Node programming languages. Lately I'm exploring Go and building treehouses in Unity. I can build highly scalable software systems and deploy them with Docker & Kubernetes on AWS & Google Cloud

  • Build robust software
  • Build data scrapers
  • Build beautiful APIs
  • Drink coffee
  • Automate all the things
  • Team leader

What am I currently working on

I'm currently working as Python developer and Team lead at InvestSuite.



Freelance -

Wealthtech as a service. InvestSuite helps banks, brokers, wealth managers and other financial institutions serve their clients better with their suite of modern digital investment solutions.